Amid the tragedy of Judy Nicholson’s battle with kidney cancer and her subsequent passing, her husband Nick found himself facing the devastating reality of her absence. After 47 years of marriage, the abrupt interruption caused by Judy’s illness shook their world. The once vibrant and active Judy was now confined to a bed after being paralyzed by the aggressive cancer that had ravaged her body. Nick vividly remembered those difficult moments when they realized the scarcity of support and resources for kidney cancer patients and their families. Despite consulting with doctors, they were confronted with privacy regulations that limited the sharing of information among patients. There was an absence of patient support groups or avenues for connecting with others going through similar challenges.

“The awfulness of it all… the tears, the anguish, and the lack of anyone to talk to during Judy’s disease were overwhelming,” Nick recounted. “We needed a way to form a community, a foundation, to prevent others from enduring the same hardships we faced.” Driven by the desire to transform their grief into a force for positive change, Nick embarked on a mission to establish the Judy Nicholson Kidney Cancer Foundation (JNF). Alongside dedicated individuals like Linda Borgstede, who had been a close friend to Judy, Nick set out to fill the void they had experienced.

“The diagnosis was a shock for everyone close to Judy,” Linda remarked. “We recognized the gap in kidney cancer support and information, and it became our collective mission to ensure that no one else faced the challenges and lack of support that Judy did during her battle.”

With unwavering determination, the foundation prioritized fundraising for kidney cancer research and initiated educational programs. Recognizing the importance of connection and information sharing, they organized symposiums and utilized digital platforms to provide support, resources, and a sense of community for patients and caregivers.

Through their shared vision and steadfast commitment, Nick and Linda carried Judy’s legacy forward, offering hope and assistance to those affected by kidney cancer. Their tireless efforts reflected a dedication to expanding the foundation’s reach, honoring Judy’s memory, and providing meaningful support to individuals navigating the complexities of this disease.



Judy Nicholson
Judy and her family
Nick Nicholson, Founder, JNF