Deb Maskens

Thoughts for World Kidney Cancer Day, June 18 2020 This year the theme for World Kidney Cancer Day is built around the need for physical activity – and this is something I’m absolutely passionate about. Whether you have had kidney cancer in the past or like me, deal with it in the present tense, there are tremendous benefits in staying active – as active as you can possibly be. So this year, on June 18th, I encourage everyone to think about how they can increase their physical activity – and then go out and do it. Walking is something we can all do – whether it’s around the block or to explore further on trails or around the neighborhood. Research shows that it’s helpful for your physical health and mental health too – whether you’re recovering from surgery, on treatment, or a long-time survivor. I hope you’ll join me on World Kidney Cancer Day and take a walk. Take a photo along the way and share with your social networks to let others know what you’re doing to stay well — living with and beyond kidney cancer. Best to you all. For details on the global World Kidney Cancer Day campaign on June 18 2020, please see: