Mark Manning

Mark Manning, a Stage IV kidney cancer warrior and advocate, embarked on his rollercoaster Stage IV RCC journey with the disease, a journey marked by unexpected bumps. “That’s when I dove into the world of TKI drugs,” Mark recalls, reflecting on the moment when traditional treatments fell short, and Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor (TKI) drugs emerged as a ray of hope. 

“Kidney cancer doesn’t play by the rules with chemo or radiation, so I had to explore TKI drugs or immunotherapy,” Mark explains, shedding light on the tough treatment decisions he faced. After weighing his options and seeking another opinion, he opted for Votrient as line of treatment. “It initially shrunk the tumors and gave me about a year and a half of stability,” Mark notes, highlighting the temporary relief the drug provided. “But then the kidney cancer came back, and I had to switch gears,” Mark recalls, underscoring the relentless nature of his battle against the disease. 

Following his doctor’s advice, he switched to Cabometyx, a move that paid off with an initial reduction in tumor size and ongoing stability. “Glad to say that stability has held strong for four years now,” Mark shares, a glimmer of hope amid the storm. “In early 2019, after putting in 43 years in the cable TV business, I decided to hang up my hat,” Mark reflects. “Given my history with kidney cancer, I embraced this new chapter of life with gusto,” he continues, showing his unwavering determination to make the most of every moment despite the challenges. “There’s a life beyond kidney cancer,” Mark affirms, a testament to his fighting spirit and refusal to let the disease define his future. “Dealing with the slew of side effects from the drugs wasn’t a walk in the park, but I’ve learned to handle it,” Mark reflects, acknowledging the hurdles he faced along the way. With his wife as his rock, Mark embarked on traveling adventures far and wide, drawing strength from the kidney cancer community and the support it offered. “There’s a life beyond kidney cancer,” Mark repeats.  Mark joined JNF’s Board of Directors in Early 2024. He also runs a support group specific for patients taking the drug Cabo.