In 2015, my life took an unexpected turn when a routine check for a hydrocele issue revealed a large renal tumor on my left kidney. Urgent surgery followed, and the initial relief of NED “no evidence of disease” was short-lived. A year later, the cancer returned, this time in the renal bed. A cycle of surgeries and quarterly CT scans ensued, and despite positive moments, a new battleground emerged in my stomach wall, leading to another surgery. The journey continued as renal cell carcinoma (RCC) traveled to my right lung, marked by three tumors.

Enter the world of TKI drugs – Votrient initially provided stability, but growth returned. Cabometyx became the alternative, offering stability for four years. Throughout this tumultuous journey, retirement in 2019 after 43 years in the cable TV business opened a new chapter. Despite the basket of side effects from my TKIs, my wife and I explored traveling both domestic and international destinations. Amidst the challenges of Covid, trips to the West Coast, Hawaii, and New Orleans unfolded, proving that life with RCC is possible.

While the road isn’t easy, my determination persists. This story is more than mine; it’s a testament to the power of hope and unwavering spirit that propels us forward despite the obstacles. Every scan brings a mix of anxiety and anticipation, but as of now, Cabometyx continues to provide stability. I find myself fervently hoping that this journey can extend for a good while longer, and I’m grateful for the support and education gained from the RCC community, which fuels my resilience in the face of uncertainty.

Additionally, becoming part of the JNF family has been a source of immense support and camaraderie. The community’s outreach and patient resources have provided a sense of belonging and understanding that goes beyond the medical journey. Together, we navigate the challenges, share stories, and draw strength from each other. The sense of family within the JNF community adds another layer of hope and resilience to this kidney cancer journey.

– Mark Manning, RCC Patient Advocate and Stage IV Warrior


Glenn Sykes

Thanks for organizing this commemoration. I’m attaching a picture from the summer of 2019. We came together to celebrate my 60th birthday, a milestone that, when I was first diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2010, none of us were very sure I’d make. And given my metastatic “upgrade” in June 2015, the celebration was extra…

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Richard (Ricardo) Vogel

Hello and Thanks for contacting me: Attached my photo of the 5 years, since my surgery in April 15, 2015 of RCC stage 4, Already 4 years with Opdivo 99 treatments past April 15, 2020 in my mission of Faith, thanking the almighty for give the opportunity of keep my alive!! Thanks and Blessing!!

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Eileen Erickson

I am always amazed at the courage and tenacity of the patients, family and professionals regarding Kidney Cancer. I personally am glad to be invited to all of the programs and will continue as long as I am able. Thank you to the Judy Nicholson foundation!

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Heather Knight

My husband, Steve, was diagnosed with kidney cancer on June 3, 2020. Who would think life could be changed so drastically within a period of just a couple of hours? He will have surgery to remove the entire right kidney on June 11th. Since his diagnosis, we have cried, we have laughed, and we have…

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Deb Maskens

Thoughts for World Kidney Cancer Day, June 18 2020 This year the theme for World Kidney Cancer Day is built around the need for physical activity – and this is something I’m absolutely passionate about. Whether you have had kidney cancer in the past or like me, deal with it in the present tense, there…

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Dorothy Workman

My sweet husband passed away in hospice after a two year battle with kidney cancer. He was stage 4 grade 4. He had 31 tumors and passed away with four broken vertebrae and a broken shoulder blade. I miss and can’t grasp onto the fact that he’s gone. My heart is forever broken. I hate…

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Steffi Almendares

Hi! My name is Steffi and I am Ricardo Vogel’s oldest daughter. I would like to share some words on behalf of myself, my husband Angel and our kids Teddy, Ivy and Bonni on my father’s battle with kidney cancer. Papi, We are so proud of you. The faith, strength and courage you have had…

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Dana Riddle

My husband, Paul Riddle, was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2015. He passed away on September 19, 2017. He fought a good fight. He was a light to everyone around him. During his heroic fight against kidney cancer, he put his faith in God into practice. While he was suffering, he prayed with nurses, doctors…

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Kelley Marcellus

On Tuesday, August 21, 2018, my 41-year-old brother Brian Logal called me as he was going about his workday as a landscaper. He’d been complaining all summer about extreme fatigue and how the heat and work of the season were affecting him more than it usual. This day, however, was different. His eyes had been…

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Athina Alexandrodou

Hi I am Athina Alexandridou and I have vhl ( Von Hippel Lindau diesease), I have establise our vhlfa alliance Greece organization, here in Greece, on 2014, according to Greek laws, as affiliate to vhl alliance in order to help people having vhl ( undiagnosed until then and without doing their dna test in a…

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Cori Miller

2020 has been quite a year for us all so far. For me, it started off with a wildly unexpected curveball. After dealing with back pain for a while, my internist sent me for an MRI. While I did have one enlarged disc, the radiologist spotted something on my right kidney. I was assured that…

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Nicole Vogel

Hello, I am Nicole Vogel, Ricardo Vogel’s daughter. First and foremost, cancer sucks! It is such a powerful thing, that makes one feel helpless yet forces one to dig deep for strength and desire to keep going. This journey has not been an easy one. My father was diagnosed five years ago with Stage 4…

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Elizabeth Vogel

When I found out that my husband (Ricardo Vogel) had kidney cancer and the seriousness of the matter came over me, just hearing that word terrifies, however from the first moment we were filled with faith and hope, There came a time when I felt I was losing it but God has always been with…

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Tami Falls

In October 2020, I found out that I had Cushing’s Disease from an adenoma on my right adrenal gland. In January 2021, Dr Su performed a right adrenalectomy. I became so ill from adrenal insufficiency and trying to get weaned off of my steroids that I made 3 trips to different ERs. No one could…

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