Steffi Almendares

Hi! My name is Steffi and I am Ricardo Vogel’s oldest daughter. I would like to share some words on behalf of myself, my husband Angel and our kids Teddy, Ivy and Bonni on my father’s battle with kidney cancer. Papi, We are so proud of you. The faith, strength and courage you have had in this battle is admirable and motivating. With much faith will continue to pray for you, everyday. Thank you for fighting for your health, we all need you so much. I am grateful to God and an incredible medical staff for the 101 treatments you have had. In faith, family, love and with your strength and courage, we continue this battle. We look forward to the day you are healed. Love always, Your family, Steffi (boo boo), Angel, Teddy, Ivy and Bonni Estamos tan orgullosos de ti. La fuerza y coraje que has demostrado en esta batalla es admirable y uña motivación. Con mucha fe continuaremos a rezar por ti, todos los días. Gracias por tu esfuerzos por tu salud, todos te necesitamos mucho. Le doy gracias a Dios y a los médicos por los 101 tratamientos que has podido tener. En fe, familia, amor y con tu fuerza y coraje seguimos esta batalla. Esperamos el día que estés sanó. Con amor siempre, Tu familia, Steffi (boo boo), Angel, Teddy, Ivy and Bonni