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Transitioning Beyond Treatment with Glenn Sykes coming Thursday, March 7th from 6pm-8pm EDT



Danica Arizola
End of Life Doula & Integrative  Medical Practitioner

Margaret Bowen, MSN,CRNP, CHPN 
Penn Medicine Hospice Liaison

Caterina Mako, DMin, BCC   
Director of Spiritual Care, Chaplin Services Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Medicine


In the thought-provoking virtual series “Past, Present + Future,” presented by JNF and moderated by Glenn Sykes, we aim to shed light on the challenges you might encounter in the future and help you with your planning. This segment specifically explores the essential requirements of kidney cancer patients after all viable treatment options have been explored.

As we reflect on the strides made in the treatment landscape for patients, we understand the inevitable point where options dwindle, ushering in end-stage disease and a host of new challenges—physical, spiritual, and practical.

Join JNF for this compelling virtual event where you’ll glean invaluable insights from experts. They’ll share their unique perspectives on navigating this intricate phase when reasonable treatment options are no longer viable.

Benefit from the wealth of experience these experts bring, having worked with numerous patients grappling with end-stage disease. Let their wisdom guide your own considerations in shaping this stage for yourself and your loved ones, regardless of how distant it may seem.

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