JNF and Jenny Spencer, Fight The Fatigue, have joined forces to introduce an exceptional exercise series tailored specifically to support individuals fighting kidney cancer. “Fight The Fatigue with Exercise” comprises six parts, each video targeting a distinct area of the body through a variety of exercises.

You can access all six videos either below or on our YouTube page.

Fight The Fatigue® offers personalized exercise regimens for individuals dealing with cancer. Jenny, an ACE certified personal trainer and CETI Cancer Exercise Specialist, found her passion for this field during her nursing career within the realm of cancer care.


In the battle against cancer, we don't just exercise, we Fight The Fatigue.

Together, through each movement and every moment, we find strength, resilience, and the power to overcome!

Full Body Focus

Core Strength

Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Fall into Good Habits

Showing Love to Your Heart

Exercise is Medicine

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Episode 1: Dynamic & Static Stretching

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Episode 2: Cardio

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Episode 3: Upper Body Exercises

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Episode 4: Lower Body Exercises

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Episode 5: Core Exercises

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Episode 6: 15 Minute Program